in defense of facebook (or why I am not an asshole)

So Jezebel posted “The More Facebook Friends You Have, the Bigger Asshole You Are“. Granted, she quotes a study regarding a small number of college students who happen to show narcissistic tendencies. She clearly hates narcissists. She possibly hates young people. Probably hates facebook. That’s a lot of generous qualifiers to give someone who made […]

2012-03-23 21.21.33

Like Food for Pinay

…as opposed to Pinoy …as opposed to “Like Water for Chocolate“…for any of those who don’t get any of these references, nvm. Clearly, mom is here. Breakfast of tocino and rice. Yesterday was champorado and bacon. In the fridge are containers of adobo, sinigang, and tinola. I’m good for at least a week. We measure […]


(mom’s) Tocino

Marinade: Brown sugar Garlic A little vinegar Soy Sauce Freshly ground pepper Marinate pork for a few days. Same deal with beef, but in which case you’d have Tapa.