Wet Fold Origami Technique

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by Hoang Tien Quyet

I don’t need to walk around in

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There’s this story in a book about zen teachings. The story goes some dude argued that his appearance and behavior didn’t matter so much because his inner self was good. The other stuff was just surface. The teacher offers him a fine wine, and he enthusiastically says he would happily take some. The teacher brings […]


No. Let’s do that again.

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Just start typing. Enough of this thinking. Waking up to a whirring mind is not optimal.  It would have been better to do a lazy turn and smile at my lover’s sleeping form. I would have taken being licked awake by Ripley. The intellect is resentful of this intrusion of work in my home. “Hi. […]

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cleaning house

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Every once and a while it is time to clean all the things. Part of it is leaving mom and dad’s place and seeing all the memory laden things there. Mom is talking selling the house in time. It’s okay, they are only things. We have memory enough. Makes my own place feel h e […]