external memory cache because I forget

alone again, naturally


C broke up with me. And I get it. I’m a lousy girlfriend. I really am. Or I have been for the last…oh, year. He waited a long time, and I don’t begrudge him getting on. Mood swings. My sexual desire nearly evaporated. Menopause is a b i t c h. I kept him at […]

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I’ve been here before

Egg in a square hole

Grumblings of conspiracy. Whispered discussions in the hall. Certainty that the end is near. Academia. Or maybe, that’s just anywhere that people clump in groups; where someone has to be in charge and is beholden to someone above and to many below. Yeah. That’s it. Just had to remind myself that this is a tiny […]

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When I grow up I’m gonna be an old woman


Wondering at what point I turn into a little old woman? Oh, math. 2015 – 1962. Right, 53. I keep forgetting. It keeps sneaking up on me, this time passing. It’s in the sound of my sons’ voices, their stature, their shapes. It’s in the chance reflection in some glass and the after beat of realization […]

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a twisted perspective


Reading some dark Phillip K. Dick, heard the sound of a passing ice cream truck’s chimes. “Ask not for whom the bell tolls it tolls for thee” “You ain’t right, girl.” The background processes tweak interpretation of what the senses take in.

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happiness is


not a warm gun. Check. Check. Does an animated gif show up animated as a featured image?

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windows let light in

2015-06-03 14.01.34

Lighting will make a big difference. Looks like I need a bunch of spots for the interior. T

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The Attic Progresses

Attic set. Floor and rug acquired

Acquired floor (a lovely paper from the art store), and rug (remnant upholstery fabric). Also acquired: windows (photo frames), curtains (interfacing), ceiling (foam core) and walls (pebble board). Ceiling, posts and lights.

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building the set

constructing the set

Alternating between the models and the set. Foundations: some pegboard, cable ties, quick clamps.

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BOX With Box, the short film released today by production house Bot & Dolly, never-before-seen robot-powered projection mapping on moving objects is revealed. In Box (above) a performer engages with a morphing set, as a flat panel transforms into a cube, and then a graphic world where shapes bend and blend and teleport across the stage. Eventually its […]

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this is the place I make

like the one in my dream

We can’t leave this Winter. We have things to do. I wander down steps in an old hotel. It’s night, the snow is deep. Tita Bella isn’t coming back to the apartment. I have a show to put on. Crunching snow. I look back. It’s a dilapidated three story Victorian of faded red and white […]

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