At The Tempest

Taylor Plympton, Nick Bowlin, Brad Bambara

With so many of these students, I get this feeling I’m getting in on the ground floor of something really good. Students become friends. These guys? Friends.

*Just finished interviewing them for a project…did I mention thoughtful? Passionate? Genuinely nice?

Me and Spence Thompson

I backpacked Italy and Prague with this guy. While we traveled together, we also did a lot of things apart. By the end of the trip I really didn’t want to talk to him. Not enough alone time for me. Not sure he got that whole introvert thing. So this was the first time we really had a chance to talk.

Can I just say, that trip was fabulous?

I still think of it as my Weez’s-got-her-Groove-Back Summer. I was getting over some things. Apparently we were both getting our respective grooves on. There were the Italians (one for each of us), the Aussies and the South African (affectionately – the family), the Brazilian (just mine)… So many shenanigans that I didn’t know about, and vice versa. Oh! And the water! and the sun! and really good coffee! cinnamon gelato! This is the part where we wistfully sigh, “Good times.”

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