Blustery Day

CONNOR: Are you busy right now? Can I call you about the wind?


I call. “Did the tree fall down?”

“No, but it looks like it might. Dennis says one fell down in his neighborhood.”

“Yop. The main entrance to RIT is blocked because a tree fell. Most of the lights in Henrietta are out.”

“Can we call someone?”

“And they would…what? Watch our tree fall on the house? We’re insured.”

Connor asks, “What should I do?”

“Um. Hang out at the front of the house. Bring the animals with you.”


It’s 6:30 PM.

I love my car. It’s a stick diesel VW Jetta stationwagon. (Yes. One of the ones from the recall.)

It took forty minutes to get from the back entrance of the campus to the side entrance of the campus in stop traffic. Between the clutch/brake/gas fandango my leg cramped up so here I am back at the office. Going to wait until I can see traffic moving on River Road before I attempt to go home.

Mother nature is crazy and impressive and right now, very loud.

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