I asked the doctor if the medication may be causing me to be sad and weepy. He said “no”. So it’s  just me feeling the way I do in response to the what it is.

I am unwilling to accept this as the new normal.

 “How are you doing?”
It depends on what aspect of life…compartmentalizing the bits makes them more manageable. The job is great; as are the students, my coworkers, my friends. My sons are fun to be around. The physical shit, that — well. No.
But it is part, not the whole. So I focus on the other parts and manage to forget until my leg buckles and makes me gasp and hold on for a moment. A few seconds to get my shit together and then back to whatever it was I was doing.
That’s how I’m doing.
Silver lining? Rockin’ the cane. That with my shearling collared jacket has earned me the nickname, “Huggy Bear”. So, okay with that.

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