When I began this blog, oh…yowsah! fourteen years ago? (I suppose I could check.) I told myself I’d make it a daily thing and wouldn’t really tell people about it. I managed to do that for four years. All the posts haven’t been migrated to wordpress, but they exist. Some time I’ll get around getting those over.

It was a good habit. I was able to see patterns of care and concern. I could see my behavioral loops, and occasionally, moments of brilliance. But that’s bound to happen if one does something often enough.

The good thing about it being a ritual, there was no pressure of gold in any day.

Which is a roundabout way of saying, if you happened to land here, I hope you weren’t expecting anything more compelling than someone brushing their teeth.

The function of this space, I guess is like that memory bowl in the Harry Potter series. What was it? The Pensive.

I don’t know if it was in the movie or in my head as I read the books, but there was this clear picture of the wizard taking strands of thought out of his head and adding them to a bowl where he could look at them swirling about with other thoughts – but also get them out of his head.

That’s what this is.

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