Dear Itzel

I think you are the only one who comes here. I am glad you do.

Oh! I am trying to get old blog posts moved here. Found comments from you, and Bridget, and Elsie, and Liz, and my family, and…and…and…

This used to be a happenin’ space.

I should do something about that. 🙂


  1. Itzel

    haha.. I should add you to my RSS feed..

    I honestly have you saved on my daily reads folder and I never took you off. Even tho after time I have a total different classification of my bookmarks I do visit your blog very often. Maybe I am a stalker, but I do wonder how you are a lot. I’m just a bad friend lately and I should write an email or call you instead right?

    Anyway, I used to learn words from your posts (I still do).. so I think you should start writing again, more often… 😀

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