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Images taken from London Deanery, “Some Theory” in regards to course development and assessment.

This leads to discussion on Boyer’s redefinition of scholarship, but that’s another post. (What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…or student and professor).

The juxtasposition of Bloom’s taxonomy and Millery’s pyramid gives rise to many nuggets of consideration. None of them will be answered in the next few minutes when I have to wake up my boys and get them ready for school. So let me just brain dump and pick up a thought later.

Sorry for the mess. Aren’t you happy you don’t live here?

Can a movie critic make a movie? Does she have to be able to in order to do her job well?
Can someone who has not made a movie, teach another how to do it well?
What is the definition of “evaluate” in Bloom’s taxonomy?
He who can – does; he who can’t – teaches…awful awful awful. As opposed to the journeyman, craftsman, master.

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