If I Grow Up, I Want Legs Like Tina Turner

So Ive been casually working out for over two years, pregnancy included…mostly regularly. Time to get serious about it. Were talking triathalon next year. (Now, if only I knew how to swim…) Havent been pushing myself for fear of bulking up, but I havent made huge gains in strength for a long time, so went back to readings and have decided to pyramid.

Wasn’t planning to shame Liz into doing more, this was a personal goal…but shed mutter, “fine.” and add more weight.

“Show off” and add more weight.

It’s a good thing. She doesnt know how really strong she really is, and when it comes to this arena- shes pretty conservative. (And girlfriend, you did it and didnt even break a sweat–too much). After a while, the body adapts. Its amazing how much it can do, when asked. Im watching these teeny things doing chin-ups, pull-ups. THAT is the goal. Legs like Tina, abs like Janet, arms like Madonna. Squash those that piss me off like ants. (just kidding – sorta). I think Ive got the genetics thatll take me there if I tickle them just so. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. Cath is just joining in on the fun. Shes got a good structure there…I can tell. Give her a year, shes gonna be ferocious.

What’s nice about strength training, is that after a while, when you get a handle on the underlying musculature, its possible to actually sculpt your body. Given the understanding that certain exercises will develop specific areas, one can decide to build mass, or streamline. You have the facility to do that. Its amazing to understand how much control you can have over your shape, your body–hell, your destiny. It spills over. As much as the body changes, so does a sense of power- physically and mentally. The act of training isnt so different than yoga or martial arts where one attends to form and movement. Its an act of concentration to follow the form, to make the movement symetrical, and to use the mind to push the body beyond its current limit. Not to injury- but beyond a real physical threshold. Its not supposed to be easy. A side effect: I actually attend to my appearance now. As I become stronger, I dress more femininely. Not out of vanity. Hard to explain. Like my body is worthy of attention and adornment. That its worth maintaining. That hiding it like I used to connotes a shame I no longer feel. Heres to girlfriends, trash talk, and looking better now than ever. Like a good friend says, sometimes, you stand in front of the mirror and rejoice in saying, “Damn, I look good.” And it’ll only get better.


Brendyn, bwa5099@it.rit.edu, http://www.rit.edu/~bwa5099/blog/, 2004-05-16 20:41:17 – And the spirit of Diana: ” I’ve got to show the worldAll that I wanna be And all my abillities There’s so much more to me Somehow, I have to make them Just understand I got it well in hand And, oh, how Ive planned I’m spreadin’ love Theres no need to fear And I just feel so glad Every time I hear: I’m coming outI want the world to know Got to let it show I’m coming outI want the world to knowI got to let it show ”

elouise oyzon, ero@it.rit.edu, 2004-05-16 20:41:17 – Can you feel a brand new day?

Francois Lachance, lachance@chass.utoronto.ca, http://www.chass.utoronto.ca/~lachance/jardin/html/blogTEI.htm, 2004-05-16 20:41:17, So nice to see that in my following the fold in the blog, this entry on form, movement and body control of June 16, 2003 pairs up with an entry from March 22, 2004 where Weez reports stats on weekly basis. Here and there what I note is the care to routine. Progress is, well, progressive. I am sure that the discipline that Elouise displays is what inspires her students, family and friends. And the ever so gentle humour that emerges when a lapse the trainging schedule forces a retracing of steps to regain the reps. There is a fundatmental comfort in the pleasure of the play of form and movement. Did I say inspiring? Inspirited too.

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