monkey progression

So I have been stuck with “Monkeys In the Attic”. I had a series of dialogs, but no end to the story.

What if the monkey-voices are represented as loops? They might be literal broken records, skips, obsessively repeated motions.

I can choreograph the movements. Repetition can go the direction of increasingly frenetic, or become depressingly the same and ponderous. The advantage of representing the monkey chorus this way, is that end becomes clearer: to break out of the loop.


  1. For a different view of repetition, see the music of Max Richter that bookends the film Arrival. The piece is called “On the Nature of Daylight” and hearing it a few times might open up options …

  2. Haven’t yet seen the movie, though it has been highly recommended to me from different sources. Yet another reason to check it out.

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