more things not planned

“are you claustrophobic?”
“naw” seems a no brain we.

Note the auto curvy continues.

“will you be cold?” They swaddle me in a blanket. They put plugs in my ears. They put blocks next to my head so it doesn’t move. They put a plastic hood I’ve it all.

The re is a rubber panic ball in my right hand. They slip me like a lozenge into a thudding hole. “you okay?”

I have trouble heart is pounding. I have to pee very badly.
“um. No.”
They’re Nice. This is a daily occurrence. They escort me to the loo. I’m still listing. Thankfully I don’t list when I sit.
Take two.
No blanket. One of the guys suggests a towel over my eyes. I put in my own eat plugs. I can breath.they slip me in.

The thump thump is a constant. Each series of shots has its own series of times. I think each of them would make a good dance tune. This one is clearly dubb. That one is more trance. Geezer…why is there that tuvian throat singing?

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