No. Let’s do that again.

Just start typing. Enough of this thinking.

Waking up to a whirring mind is not optimal.  It would have been better to do a lazy turn and smile at my lover’s sleeping form. I would have taken being licked awake by Ripley.

The intellect is resentful of this intrusion of work in my home.

“Hi. What do you guys want?” Noot and Ripley are watching me type. Maybe they’re trying to snag the heat from the laptop, or just wondering why I’m still in bed and not dragging my ass downstairs to feed them? C awakens. Well, not really. Lucidity is a long way off.

Grounding. I have a love. I have cats and a dog…all in this bed. Well, not the dog. He’s on the floor.

All that stuff that was rattling around sinks into the down. Morning ritual will kill it. There will be the feeding of the animals: the making of the cuppa joe.

I was all set to launch into deep thoughts…fuck it. The baseline is alright.

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