No Mr. Darcy

– Pride and Prejudice by sprspr on DeviantArt

The not-getting not quite unrequited is a sweet state. Jane Austen. Because it works out in the end despite all the tiny drama and miscommunications.

Sucker for that stuff.

I have someone now. Part of me still fights it — this different than the arrogant, distant, oh-so-ready to leave and I’m-not-really-here type that have been my script. Mr. Darcy was only icy on the outside. My guys, well, their outsides really matched the inside.

Such masochistic delight in what ifs? And belief in an underneath that is so close to being. Those crafted stories hanging on hope and rescue and sighs.

“You’re sure? I am broken.”

“You’re not broken.”

“I am old.”

“You are not old. You are beautiful. You are silly.”

He’s been there waiting for me to see him. Friend. Devoted. Not at all like those guys in the books of ¬†mysterious glances and predatory interest. Just this sweet kind man who would wait on my doorstep forever with the hope I open the door and allow him to stay.

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