Notions while on the periphery of conversation and consciousness

Not a bad set up. The lighting is decent. Wish I had a lav or directional mic.

Michael Clark, Alex Levinson and Spence Thompson hung out long after the camcorders stopped. “If you want to hit any parties, you should go now.”

Naw. The convo is good. No need for more drinking. We were well fed. I fell asleep in fetal position on the chair while intent voices rose and fell. In on the ground floor of a good thing, I think sleepily. This reminds me of talks long ago – Miriam, Todd, Gretchen, Leah…”What is Art?”, imagining the things we create have the power to change the world.

From these interviews, these guys think the same. We are so much more akin than I thought. Games are media. They are designed. They are crafted.

Those are heavy duty words. They are something precise located in a specific region of my mind. Once upon a time, Troy asked, what is Design? Capital D.  It’s that thoughtful arrangement with intent to make something happen. Each thing is selected with purpose, and what it may evoke or provoke is not haphazard – but planned. That is design. Troy, you are a designer. You do this all the time. These people – these former students of mine, are designers.

Craft is another word. Like design there is an intentionality to it, but it evokes the notion of care and done with one’s own hands. They want this. All of them. All of us.

Make something.

Say, “I did this. This is the work of my hands. I made it to make a change in you – to change the world.”

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