On a do nothing day

I made hollandaise from scratch, poached eggs, and sauteed greens and put it all on sourdough toast.

I drank cappucino made lovingly in the oh-so-cluttered kitchen.

I did not do the dishes.

I went back to bed.

I woke up again.

I drew. And wrote.

I am now having cheese, and bread. I am contemplating cracking open a bottle of wine.

Maybe I’ll do the dishes.

I tag this post notAlone as I get friendly waves through the ether.

It is a perfect day.

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  1. Itzel

    This post has all of my favorite things to eat. I want that breakfast! hollandaise sauce is my fav, however, my skills in the kitchen are not as superb as yours. Sometimes I suffer from it but sometimes I thank god because if not I would be morbidly obese from making myself all kinds of food.

    Anyway, I hope you opened a wine bottle. Nothing better for a do nothing day.


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