plan to get over

“Just do something. Even if it’s wrong.”

That was dad. I can hear him in my head with that note of frustration. It didn’t really help at the time. Maybe it did. But I’m sure there are times a good kick in the ass is just what I need. I could use it now, since I can’t seem to get myself going. Exhausted yet unable to sleep. I hide in my room each night, not really interacting with anyone. I’m faking it pretty well when I am around people – at work, or with the boys before I retreat once again to my room. (Yay! Sanctuary). I take that as a victory.

How did I get past depression before? I think I just have to get through it. Dagnabbit.

…related. This is pretty great.


Chicago-based cartoonist Corinne Mucha offers up a new theory in her autobiographical graphic novel, Get Over It!

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