So This is It

Like standing on the beach, I test the waters with a toe. How cold? How deep do I go?

It is not my wont to opine and bare my soul. Sadness, anger, anxiety- all those things Pandora should have left well alone reside in my own well-locked chest. It’s a filipino thing, I think, to crack a joke, flash a cheesy grin and laughingly (though seriously) consider murder.

How seductive to send words out on the tide like messages in a bottle. How cold? How deep? How far?

Looking at the Mediterranean and breathing.
Looking at the Mediterranean and breathing.

comments from the past

nain – 2004-05-16 20:41:17 – SO curious to know to what you are referring….

weez – 2004-05-16 20:41:17 – Nothing too deep (yet). This is essentially a journal in a public domain. The question is how much of myself do I throw out to the world. It’s easy, writing, to approach it like I would any journal…but this is out. And who knows who’s reading it? (Glad you are. I miss your company, and late night talks.)

fivecats – 2004-05-16 20:41:17 – “This is essentially a journal in a public domain. The question is how much of myself do I throw out to the world.” Very well put. It took me a while to feel out the boundaries that I am comfortable with. My blog is definitely different than the journals I kept over the years; there are some stories I will tell in a public forum and others I will not. I also try to keep my blog from becomming a waste of my and other people’s time. (That may or may not happen.) I have few readers, but I still want to present something that is at least of interest to me. I think of my blog as less of a classic journal and more of a public “here’s where my head is at today.” To that end I have posted long-winded (to quote my wife) entries that not even the person who set me up with my LJ account has managed to make his way through. Most of those are written in Word and then transposed over to the LJ editor. Still, it’s my space. I can make of it what I want. You appear to be doing the same. It appears to be going well. I have a high respect for your writing and candid-ness. Keep it up, please.

Francois Lachance – 2004-05-16 20:41:17 – A while ago (See March 31, 2004) commented on the Elouise Unplugged entry.There I was impressed by the inscription of a certain doubleness and here too I am struck by the elegant symmetry. Especially the resonance given the repetition of cold and deep and drawn into the echo of far. The consideration of murder lead me to rethink the who into a what. Murder according to some dictionaries means to destroy, to mutilate, to spoil. And wonder of wonders the examples are about language: a quotation from Richard III and yet another example to the king’s English. (See Webster’s Revised Unabridged, 1998). And yet I cannot help thinking of who. Is it a Filipina thing? So this is it. Two diectics. A Filipina discourse. A Pandoro? An all around golden goat god thing? It is this so. Tagalog and tag-a-long.

weez – 2004-05-16 20:41:17 – Murder is usually a whom though often in response to merde. It is an all around golden (me) goaded god! thing. Funny to revisit this entry. Still not certain I’ve answered any of the questions.

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