start with the end

I think it was Timmerman who advised me to figure out the ending and then work my way to it. I remember him waxing despondent about how we would go on and not remember him. I didn’t know he had cancer and was dying. But I do remember you, you bastard. He was a good professor, by no means an easy man to be around. But I respected him, and he taught me a lot.

Back to the end.

So she repeats her rituals, over and again.

I am trying to figure out the beats. Does it become frenetic and panicked and explode, or instead slow down until she collapses? Does it make sense for her to make the movements beautiful and in that way be at peace? (That last option sounds delusional and mad…though it could be quite lovely and dark).

How would I want to get off this ride?

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