Suspension of Disbelief

ENTRY # 80

Suspension, Robert ParkeHarrison When presented something vividly enough, however fantastic, it becomes real. Theres that whole “This is not a pipe” discourse. What you see isnt the thing itself, but a representation of the thing. So saying, this is not me. This is a selection – a sliver of me that I deign to expose. Over time, after multiple slivers, one would expect to start accumulating enough facets to make the whole. But like Suspension this virtual me is a construct. Whether its Weez Lite, or HyperWeez, I dont know. That would require asking a reader to compare the version in their head to the to-scale-three-dimensional-walking model. I wonder, as I write this, if I am creating my own fiction? Im not going down the road of I write therefore I am, or questions of whether or not I am me, or am I someone elses dream? Those are better left for freshmen taking their first philosophy classes and/or altered states of consciousness. (Thatll be 4 tequillas, please). I am me, and you are me, and we are all together…koo koo ka choo. But the words construct, persona, fiction and blog are rich fodder. Im going to pack them all in this little bag Ive got here and run. Game on.

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