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The way it goes

Etching is a destructive process. You take the metal plate and protect it. Then you scratch it, scuff it, make it vulnerable. You drop it in acid and the exposed parts get eaten away. The plate is cleaned. Whatever protection it had is dissolved. Ink is rubbed into the grooves, the pits, and scars. The…

time after time

Video capture of iPhoto’s Faces It’s interesting to see the whole in a line. There are ups and downs. I know what was happening in the interstices. I can see the happy and the thick and the thin(ner). The smile stays the same.


Mind the Gap

Never liked that disconnected feeling of too much alcohol. Maybe being one who favors the right brain anyway, the now, the interconnectedness of it all – having a little less of my already back seat driving left brain isn’t such a great thing. The left brain knows my context and remembers who and when and…