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So, you know that thing with the sleeping pills?


There is a long list of possible side effects with the sleeping pill/generic ambien thing. Things are listed such as sex, baking, driving, walking, and other verbs…all while asleep. Apparently, I post on facebook and am capable of editing documents. […]

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outside vs inside


Hate when you’re sick but you don’t look it. Just tired. Hate the word “just”. Mondays are a bit rough. The teaching until 10pm followed by the 8am class is also a bit of a stretch. Energy level was low. […]

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Elaine is here. She is what I need. I don’t really need anything physically beyond rest. What Elaine brings is a light loving life affirming wise assery layer.

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At this point I’m as normal as I was, except for the need for naps every two to three hours. So this morning Liz picked me up to head to the public market with our dear friend, Sylvie (who happens […]

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I Want to be Sedated


Twenty four twenty four hours ago… 20 minutes to make it under the wire for a daily post. The nurse explained that the sedation wouldn’t necessarily knock me out, but I wouldn’t remember anything. I’m pretty sure I was knocked […]

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I’ll take a sleeping pill, please


Yesterday was a mess. A B Here is a bunch of two and three hour bits of fitful sleep. (As in full of fits, not as in would-be-fit-as-a-fiddle-if-you-got-one-of-these). Here is a generic ambien induced straight eight hours of maybe-snoring-maybe-muttering-but-I-didn’t-gain-consciousness-so-I-don’t-care. Having […]

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in defense of facebook (or why I am not an asshole)


So Jezebel posted “The More Facebook Friends You Have, the Bigger Asshole You Are“. Granted, she quotes a study regarding a small number of college students who happen to show narcissistic tendencies. She clearly hates narcissists. She possibly hates young […]

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Like Food for Pinay

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2012-03-23 21.21.33

…as opposed to Pinoy …as opposed to “Like Water for Chocolate“…for any of those who don’t get any of these references, nvm. Clearly, mom is here. Breakfast of tocino and rice. Yesterday was champorado and bacon. In the fridge are […]

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it’s off to work we go


So I get picked up and escorted to my two hour lecture, have a bit of a break with a side of primary care physician (“oh hai! doc. I know you’ve only seen me three times in twenty years. Nope, […]

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and the village came


It was crazy. I had my phone. This is how I let people know what was going on. Over a hundred people commented and wrote and wished me well. This is just a snapshot of it all. It’s worth remembering. […]

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