thanks for playing

Words: loved, connected, ephemeral

2014-05-05 12.11.53

So glad the kids were willing to play. They’re a good lot

Dave stopped by my office to check in on me. Guess my general withdrawl from the world is noticable. The limp is not confused with swagger. A gentle invitation to connect. “Friends can be work in the short term, but it is helpful in the long run.” Words from my wise ¬†bear-friend.

Cody suggested he take me out one night this week. I just want to keep my head down. But Dave is right. I should go.

I have moments of okay, random as sunshine this seeming Spring. It’s as sporadic as the rains and my tears. Fucking hormones. I think that’s what it is. A detached self observes the insanity from some bird’s eye view.

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