The Attack of the superior feminist (reprise)

ENTRY # 49 At Alas a Blog, Bean writes counterpoint to Joan Ryans Attack of the Girly-Girls in which she says that young women today have lousy role models, and is concerned that this generation is ending up vacuous (although nicely but scantily dressed).

I HAVE BEEN WORRIED lately about the possibility that todays young women are not taking themselves seriously enough. I base this on extensive, first-hand examinations of People magazine and more than a few episodes of “Entertainment Tonight.” My generation of feminists knew how to be taken seriously. Personally, I wore suits that, absent the low, round-toed pumps, put some people in mind of Richard Nixons little brother, which was precisely the look I was going for.

Excellent critique. (Do read it). Bean does a bang up job of that. On my end, Im thinking about form. Male and female. Weve always been body conscious. We objectify everybody because we are a shallow people. We make assumptions about girly girls – sure, and mutton-chopped biker dudes, and I dunno, big busomed cardigan wearing blue hairs (male and female). I think the emphasis should be placed on the line that young women dont take themselves seriously. At that age, who does? I am not a young woman. At that age, a lot of esteem is derived in being hooked up with someone. Its prime mating season. Guys too. Gay or straight. Its about the hook up. Its about sex. Sure youre thinking about careers, and life in general, but underlying it all is the question of whether or not youre getting any. If youve got the form – flaunt it. Revel in it. Its a weapon in the sexual mating dance, but if thats the only weapon in the arsenal, and conquest is the only end goal – trying to snag that alpha male or female, then its short game. Now, in my 40s, Ive discovered form. My own. And my sisters surprised to see me saying goodbye to baggydom, Annie Hall, and Birkenstocks and hello to stretch knits and low rise jeans. And Im looking at Demi Moore and Lara Croft, and Trinity kicking serious butt and looking good. And its not about sex (okay, maybe still about sex) – its flaunting form the way the guys do it – not in fluffy comfy pillow come lay on me kinda form – were talking sinewy lean strong power I-can-bench-press-more-than-you kind of form. And ultimately when you talk to a warrior princess, or nixons younger brother, what will count is attitude and that persons perception of their own power – window dressing aside. Eventually, young men and women become older, and they figure out what theyre selling and start to package themselves as they see fit. Mine is a simple, unadorned sturdy box – with maybe leather ties. Yeah. Definitely, leather ties.

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