The Selfie Project

The design challenge was come up with a game for change. The theme was the word “ephemeral”.

One group had a brilliant idea for a selfie (slang for self-portrait, usually done with a mobile phone…often in a bathroom mirror and not well). Along with the selfie one would attach three adjectives. The initial idea was to hold onto positive words and trash the negative ones thereby reinforcing positive self-image. It needs work. They only had half an hour, but I think the concept has legs.

While awaiting their app, I am beginning my version. I won’t be throwing away any words. I’m more interested in self-perception over time. What words appear again and again?

I teach an 8AM class in 2D Assets and Animation and invited the students to bomb the very first photo. Here it is. No do overs. One shot. The only concession to image manipulation is that I’ll be shooting the selfie in front of something white and will blow out the background so it is.

Words: awake, tired, bloated, hopeful


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