the take away line…

ENTRY # 22 Carrie Bickners take away line from the conference… Its okay not to use CSS if youre on crack. (might be slightly paraphrased- but it does seem T-shirt worthy 🙂 ) okay now Im really going to bed.


Francois Lachance,,, ,, 1084066070, 2004-05-16 20:41:17, Lines are drawn, then inhaled. Crack smoked and then inhaled. Avital Ronell looks at “Being-on-drugs” in Crack Wars: Literature,Addiction, Mania. There she engages in a dialogue of the dead and has an Emma Bovary character say: I smoke in order to metabolize my anguish. In the public sphere, it is a provocation. I like to horrify people. they abhor signs of womens narcissism. One smokes for oneself […]”CSS is interesting cuz a blue pill day and a pink day can be signified as pill days, as different types of pill days or as undifferentiated from non-pill days. And the careful reader would have to access the HTML markup to understand that an element with a class attribute wiaht a value of blue could be rendered in a fine shade of pink by a CSS of very witty sort. And then there is also the space of comments in CSS /* …*/CSS and drugs? Well, Ronell writes: “Drugs, it turns out, are not so much about seeking an exterior, transcendental dimension — a fourth or fifth dimension — rather, they explore _fractal interiorities_. This was already hinted at by Burroughss algebra of need.”So very much like a thing with feathers manifested March 16, 2004 Spaced. Out. In. Between.

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