touching the walls

The world did not stop without my presence. I find that reassuring.

The noise level is low.

Tonight is my first night alone since the incident. Well, I had one night between mom and Elaine’s visits. That was a blur.

Elaine and I
Elaine and I


It’s comforting. She drove me to all my classes and even sat in on them attempting to do her own work. In-between we ate decadently…that part of me was never effected. I napped. She burned through Ender’s Game while I burned through the Hunger Games. We watched all of the first season of Game of Thrones (Thanks, Matt!) amid much gasps by Kim of “Puppies!” or “Son of a Pup!”. Elaine got to meet many of the people important to me. She gave Mark and Kim the word “jujunum” in exchange for “puppies!” (Those are both used as expletives).

Nothing really deep. When we went to Lento last night, I didn’t lean on anyone’s arm. I took the incline without feeling like the world was spinning. I feel like a puzzle piece that’s not quite clicked into place.

But it’s close. Hoping this may be one of the last times I attach the tag “the Teeny Stroke”

Using the quiet to expand into the corners and reclaim my place, to run my hand along the walls without having to lean on them to get from here to there.

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