WTT continued (9)

Got to love it when the mind works while asleep.When last left, the Metropolis sketches had yielded highly unsatisfactory results.
the man-machine

Tried variations on the theme. the man-machine

Still, had a strong notion that this was the wrong direction.the man-machineThis last one cooked overnight, dreaming of bauhaus, and kandinsky and klee. Not exactly of the style, but definitely informed by it. More cooking to go, but the base is solid. Feels like I’m on track.

Liz’, ‘ell@mail.rit.edu’, ‘- 2004-05-16 20:41:17’, ‘Nice. I like the new one. Feels a lot more like the show–and the people on it. More whimsical.’
Elouise’, ‘ero@it.rit.edu’, 2004-05-16 20:41:17′ – Looking at the thumbnail- I read it as “What the Hell!”…That’s just me. Looking too long.

Francois Lachance’, ‘lachance@chass.utoronto.ca’, 2004-05-16 20:41:17 – WTT could also be an acronym for What the Thing? I’ve been reading back through a selected set of pairings from March 2004 to June 2003. Rather serendipity that the March 27, 2004, entry and this June 10, 2003, entry are both devoted to website design. Well rather to be expected, eh. I have a techie question. In checking the file names of the archived entries I spot jumps in the numeration. Is there an explanation for this pattern?

weez’, ‘elouise@Oyzon.com’, ‘http://weez.oyzon.com’, 2004-05-16 20:41:17 – MT is the blog software for all of the Oyzons. Gaps mean posts by others in the clan (mom, dad, Elice, Elaine, John and Ben).

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