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Strike a Pose

Continuing my RuPaul binge in advance of All Stars, I’ve branched out to HBO’s Legendary and will eventually get to Pose. That s…

"N" is for Neville who died of ennui
To Languish

There was a lovely NY Times article that favored the return of the word “languish”. It really is quite lovely as words go. It br…

morning sans make
a drop

What is the purpose of posting in social media? Is it the howling of a wolf hoping others will take up the cry? Is it an ask for someone to …

Gloria Groove
What Queens teach us

Bingeing, because that’s how I do. While there is no small amount of manufactured and edited for tv drama, ultimately shows of Rupaul …

The briefest of exchange

Every day. I forgot how hard it was to keep at it. It isn’t a fear of the blank page, nor a pressure that gold come from my thoughts. …

convertible on a warm day
Be Thankful

Mid November and it was 70 degrees and sunny. I bought my mid-life crisis convertible beetle and have no regrets. Diggin’ the scene wi…

Attic bedroom

It’s a shell; this container of mostly water propelled by questionable mind. I feel the exact opposite of grounded. You know? Where yo…

Mother from Changeling VR
The Doing is the Thing

This object (me) at rest is so very invested in remaining so. I’m not sure if I’m depressed. It’s not a matter of shame. P…

Lone voice

…in the wilderness. So, 2020 is a thing. Those of us who are living it right now get all the weight this year is slamming down. For fu…


Playing two different DnD campaigns. Role playing, story telling, ensemble world and story building. All good stuff.

A Little Light

Sketch 7 of 100 days

On the Need for Something Real

The day is full of stuff. I think that is the correct noun. Stuff it in, flotsam, detritus, junk, anything and everything. So much needful a…

One Continuous Line

Took effort this time to say, I must do this before the day is done. So, day six of writing and sketching each day. Here. A doodle. A sketch…

Day 6 of 100 sketches


It was a good day. Last full course day of the semester for me, and I can see Summer just a bit away. Teaching 4 courses, all of them on Thu…

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