Egg in a square hole

I’ve been here before

Grumblings of conspiracy. Whispered discussions in the hall. Certainty that…

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When I grow up I’m gonna be an old woman

Wondering at what point I turn into a little old…

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a twisted perspective

Reading some dark Phillip K. Dick, heard the sound of…

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happiness is

not a warm gun. Check. Check. Does an animated gif…

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2015-06-03 14.01.34

windows let light in

Lighting will make a big difference. Looks like I need…

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Attic set. Floor and rug acquired

The Attic Progresses

Acquired floor (a lovely paper from the art store), and…

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constructing the set

building the set

Alternating between the models and the set. Foundations: some pegboard,…

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BOX With Box, the short film released today by production…

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like the one in my dream

this is the place I make

We can’t leave this Winter. We have things to do.…

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adding felt

Building my protagonist

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