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morning sans make
a drop

What is the purpose of posting in social media? Is it the howling of a wolf hoping others will take up the cry? Is it an ask for someone to …

Gloria Groove
What Queens teach us

Bingeing, because that’s how I do. While there is no small amount of manufactured and edited for tv drama, ultimately shows of Rupau…

The briefest of exchange

Every day. I forgot how hard it was to keep at it. It isn’t a fear of the blank page, nor a pressure that gold come from my thoughts. Just f…

convertible on a warm day
Be Thankful

Mid November and it was 70 degrees and sunny. I bought my mid-life crisis convertible beetle and have no regrets. Diggin’ the scene with a g…

Attic bedroom

It’s a shell; this container of mostly water propelled by questionable mind. I feel the exact opposite of grounded. You know? Where you …

Mother from Changeling VR
The Doing is the Thing

This object (me) at rest is so very invested in remaining so. I’m not sure if I’m depressed. It’s not a matter of shame. Probably its …

Lone voice

…in the wilderness. Intro Screenshot from Changeling VR So, 2020 is a thing. Those of us who are living it right now get all the wei…


Playing two different DnD campaigns. Role playing, story telling, ensemble world and story building. All good stuff.

A Little Light

Sketch 7 of 100 days

On the Need for Something Real

The day is full of stuff. I think that is the correct noun. Stuff it in, flotsam, detritus, junk, anything and everything. So much needful a…

One Continuous Line

Took effort this time to say, I must do this before the day is done. So, day six of writing and sketching each day. Here. A doodle. A …

Day 6 of 100 sketches


It was a good day. Last full course day of the semester for me, and I can see Summer just a bit away. Teaching 4 courses, all of them on …


Mom’s dreamscape


Write first. Title later. It’s like emotional equilibrium is some spinning top, subject to the least bit of external flotsam. The …

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