Give this guy a job (7)

Somebody give this guy a job. Okay. I don’t know him. For some reason, I bookmarked the site a few months ago (probably doing research on some design-related stuff). But Tony Stephens has well laid out site, an interesting blog that says lots (or links to lots) about solid design practices. Example from his blog:”Keep and Show your design process” – an admonition to document the design process. It riffs on an article by Scott Berkun, “Why Good Design Comes from Bad Design.” And who can resist Ned Batchelder’s business card origami? Good luck, dude.

Comments Francois Lachance’, ‘’, ‘’, 2004-05-16 20:41:17- Backwards from March 31, 2004 and forwards from June 3, 2003, I arrive at crossing June 7, 2003 with March 29, 2004. So here I celebrate the “tireless discipline” of Weez who through blogging works the psychological advantage of “containing the space of choices”. The psychological advantage fix on the quotated phrases is from the Scott Berkun article pointed to by W. Could the weekly reports on gym activity be like the sketching behaviour that Berkum admires? Easy to consider a list of stats as open to change. Easy too to consider a sketch as like a changeable list of stats or features. And the world of objects? They too are incomplete and in process. Or at least malleable. Even a change in lighting can affect the perception of the most inert creation. Failing a change in lighting, I can squint or dare to change my blink rate or perhaps imagine myself blind. \n\nPlaying in the space of options, living life by design. Thanks Weez!\n\n records Weez recording 0 day of weight training and 0 cardio days – an honest sketch of a week spent coping with nasal congestion.

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