happy birfday

ENTRY # 64

Was I.M.ing (is that a verb?) with Jared Campbell a few days ago, and asked him if he would be able to fraternize with a bunch of old women Friday night if they stopped by the club. (He works security there).

Jared, “And what does that have to do with you?”

Smooove. Me, “You’ve been reading those alpha male lessons, havent you?”

Him, “Is this where I tell you youre beautiful?

Excellent. Dude holds great promise.

(*Note to self, find this young man wonderful woman). … Its Friday! Happy birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me… la la la la la la la la la la la la to me. … Its 3 in the morning, and I am inexplicably awake, wondering how to celebrate. May go to Jareds club with Liz, the only one of my posse I remembered to tell. Only formulated a plan for tonight a few hours ago. Will phone Tona, Cathy, Randi, Deb and Joy at some more reasonable hour. What do I want for my birthday? No thing. (Except for maybe lobster). At this stage in my life, I have enough things. The house is full of too many things. I want experiences, and memories, and the company of people I love. That will be great present. I measure time by how a body sways… Such a personal way of counting minutes, years. Much better than some day on a calendar. Perhaps the only meaningful way in the long run. Tonight, we sway. We drink. We laugh (a lot). Tomorrow we play, we eat, we hold each other dear. and the next day and the next and the and


Brendyn, bwa5099@it.rit.edu, http://soblog.thatbigdog.com, ,, 1058530565, 2004-05-16 20:41:18, happy birthday 🙂

Sheila, sheilat@mac.com,, 1058577187, 2004-05-16 20:41:18, Happy birthday dear Weez! When you are next in Virginia, Id like to take you out and celebrate.

Phoenix, pxartist@excite.com,, 1058765691, 2004-05-16 20:41:18, Hippo birdy 2 ewe, hippo birdy 2 eweHippo birdy 2 ewe, hippo birdy dear We–ez,Hippo birdy 2 ewe Ill go have a lobster in your honor , or better yet, zip out here and Ill take you to the best lobster place on the Maine coast!! And yes, please do find Jared a wonderful young woman!! IM me, well chat! He’s really polished those communication skills he inherited from a long line of politicians and salesmen!! Hope you had a wonderful celebration, and only got into enough trouble to be fun!!! Phoenix

Elouise, ero@it.rit.edu,, 1058793711, 2004-05-16 20:41:18, Virginia and Maine! how cool. The birthday celebration was fun and I thank god for girlfriends.

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