meeting someone nude

ENTRY # 51

Liz Lawley just come back from SuperNova. When I asked her about meeting her blogger friends IRL she said it was overwhelming. To which I replied, “Kinda like meeting someone you drew nude at a church social.”

Yeah. Just like that.

So as a prequel to her post, let me explain the metaphor. It aint. It happened. I’m at a Mormon church social under duress with my Mormon then-housemate (still a Mormon, no longer a housemate, jah?) And theres this cute guy, curly brown hair, a seeming non-sequeter, a likewise non-Mormon there under duress. Me, “You look familiar.” Him, “You too…[beat] Hey! howd your etching turn out?” Gasp. “Oh. Good.” Couldn’t look at him any more. Hed been a model for a drawing session.

So there. Just like meeting a blog buddy.

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