brain dump and how I need to sleep

Told my kids (the students that is) that part of the creative process was not to edit. Just put it alll down. It will likely be crap. That’s okay.

woke up at three in the morning, my head buzzing. It does that. Alcohol over a dinner celebrating that I exist was not enough to make me sleep through the night, no matter how delicious mixmaster Tim can make it. It’s Ambien or alcohol. Tonight it’ll be Ambien. I feel the difference. It’s like I backslid.

That buzz…Just a brain dump for later writings…

  • How is your worry my problem
  • on empathy and fail blog and why I don’t go there
  • words come from the left brain, but my right brain keeps wanting to make sound and pictures (see letters on writing by Ogilvy and EB White)
  • HCI is so much more than a mouse, and how important is emotive design
  • all media needs a grounding in its predecessor and digital games are still games, fuck electronics and bits. That I draw on a computer has nothing to do with the quality of what I make. It’s that I draw.
  • am I responsible to teach other people that everything is the small stuff? that physical trauma is not a big deal
  • that depression is no joke and was harder than any of this was
  • the the brain is crazy in a marvelous way

And this was my three am. Oh…and Connor is fourteen. And my children are wonderful young men.

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