Today’s milestone…I get to shower!

my face is symmetrical

I close my eyes and feel like I am tilting to the right. Glad of the chair. Wonder if this is something I’ll need to do at home? Do I even have a chair that could go in the shower? That, and conditioner is seriously¬†underrated. I am given a bottle of something that is a combination of soap, face soap, shampoo…maybe even a floor wax and dessert topping. Still, a shower after two days is a fabulous thing. Now if only I could instill this joy and wonder into some of my students before they return to the lab?

It is not my imagination. Truly, I am light headed. The schedule is to check for vitals every four hours. I suppose they could do this as I sleep, but that is unlikely. Vitals = blood pressure, blood oxygenation, temperature. While they are at it they give me the heperon shot. This is that multisyllabic blood thinner I was talking about. Every time it happens I am glad of the belly fat I have. “Poke? What poke?”

So I’m light headed.

Liz brought me another chai latte this morning. Looking forward to her blog post of how differently we react to circumstances such as these. I love her. I love our difference. Here, I sit communicating into the ether unconcerned whether or not – and actually surprised by – someone reading these words. Liz needs dialog, push and pull and response. We continue to laugh at the alien creatures we are to one another. I left her to let my family know where I’d gone as I got whisked away to yet another CT scan.

Whereas the MRI was this surreal tube of great thumpitude and claustriphobia, the CT scan is an elegant doughnut. Glad they warned me yesterday of all the effects of the dye. Effects of the dye being tossed in the IV tube were a feeling of warmth, a mouth full of pennies, and the sense that one has just peed. Truth. Yesterday…or was it two days ago? The CT scan was about the head, today’s was my pelvic region. They are checking out my arteries there, still in search of what stupid part of my body threw that clot. (Damn, clot thrower. Get off my lawn!)

Back to the room. Saw Liz in passing and got enveloped by the boys. Jim asked if they should leave while they took the vitals, I said no. They should see what I’ve been up to so it’s not so scary. Explained everything I’d been up to, what to expect. Nothing about this is scary, really. Understanding is a good thing. Got hugs. Got more hugs. Riding the love.

Awaiting CT scan news. Doc says I’ll probably be released, get some physical therapy to attend to that balance thing. Not sure where I can work. I think I can work so long as someone can walk me to the lecture hall and stop me from toppling to the right. Seriously, it’s the going back and forth that is problematic. There’s a lecture to go to tomorrow. I don’t think someone would mind me entering it on their arm. (David, that would be for you).