going at the speed of mosey

All the windows are open.

Took the pup for a walk. He’ll always be “the pup”, though he’s an old guy now. I think he’s pretty spry for his age.

He spends most of his time sleeping nowadays. “Walk?” I say. He lifts his head expectantly, and we go. I let him lead and sniff all the things he wants. We’re in no hurry and he no longer pulls me. It’s a companionable mosey. We breathe in the sunshine and the breeze together.

My 11 year old pup.
My pup when he was a pup.




It’s now the evening. The windows are still open.

I came back from a date.

He kissed me

and circumvented all thought and trepidation and wonderings about life and where do I go from here? So the answer is to live in the now, because really, at the end of the day. That is all there is.

Besides, the kiss was good. Thank you. I think I’ll have another.

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