Neil Gaiman on Writing

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2014-06-04 16.02.24


How do I work this? Struggling with the storyboard and…

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2014-06-03 02.09.47


Manually transferring years of blog posts in an effort to…

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2014-05-31 21.44.43

Knock a knock knockin’

Sorry I was a disappointment. I loved my dad, but…

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2014-05-07 21.04.11

Sweeping the Attic

It was a mistake to go o the attic. I…

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2014-05-24 13.36.22

So many days, so many words

Today, I am me. That would be the first image…

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2014-05-20 12.12.13


Words: tired, okay, myself

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2014-05-19 20.38.21


Words: content, centered, breathing   This would be the self…

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this selfie project would have been very different a year or two ago

Menopause Just sayin’

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2014-05-15 14.09.29


Today: myself, contained, reclaiming Yesterday: mercurial, breathing, reaching Friday: tearful,…

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