What Queens teach us

Bingeing, because that’s how I do.

While there is no small amount of manufactured and edited for tv drama, ultimately shows of Rupaul (in all its incarnations), Queer Eye, and A Queen is Born are about self-acceptance, otherness, and what beauty can mean. It’s a happy thing and makes me feel if they can love themselves, I should absolutely be able to.


  1. Elouise, It has been ages and I decided to check in and found this fabulous post and it led me to binge watch youTube interview with the Queer Eye Guys. What a gang! They make me aspire to be kind, clever and playful. And of course Weez’s blog space was for me around 2003 or so a meeting place for creative playmates and joyous exchanges of wit and wisdom. Wishing you all the best as ever and looking forward to what ever makeover of the blog site might arrive in 2021. Love, F

    • My friend! So glad you came here. Wishing you all the joy and invention your thoughtful mind can handle.
      I had more energy back in those days to interact with the world. Maybe it’ll come back…

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