First Person Narrative

ENTRY # 78

This is what Ive come up with… Blogs are a first person narrative in real time. The story is focused upon the protagonist, it may be extremely personal/personable or the story may be of a larger scope – ie. technological trends and innovation as they effect our hero, with occassional tangential tidbits hinting at life beyond (augmented by the occassional cheese sandwich). At the very least, we can be infer our narrators character by subject matter selection, even if they say not a peep about their personal lives. Interestingly, the narrative is more like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, than your regular tome, because there is the possibility of audience participation. One would hope toilet paper and cries of “asshole!” are not forthcoming. I could go research what others have defined as blog. But for now, I shall indulge myself with this definition. Doesnt matter how regularly someone posts, whether or not are comments allowed, whether or not hyperlinking is occurring. Every picture tells a story, dont it? The blogger is the protagonist, with a singular point of view. Who gives good blog? (Not a rhetorical question. Ive got a few on my sidebar, but being a relatively neo-blogger, am always on the lookout for more). So, blogs are a first person narrative in real time. Cant wait to see how mine turns out. I do so hope it has a happy ending. Don’t we all?

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