Like dieting, the commitment to write daily vs I will write more is like the difference between I’m going vegetarian vs I am reducing how often I eat meat. Just the idea of wiggle room gives me an out.

So, not writing every day – just happy that I am.

GDC conference as a LARP: So we got all these different characters wandering around with their own motivations and objectives, put in a discreet space with a time constraint to do the things they want to do.

How is that not a game?

With that in mind, the game for me is to suss out the objectives. My objective? Have interactions that feel real. Stay grounded. Drop knowledge bombs and get bombed in return. The hotel is my fortress of solitude. The events are forays. The EXPO floor is grinding (for knowledge and swag). Some interactions have a mana cost, the real ones give me some (but are much fewer than the costly ones).

The metaphor is holding up so far.

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