I should visit more often

In every sense.

Looks like the blog broke while I was off doing my thang. Will fix later after I finish my werk work.

Erika, one of my colleagues, set up this thing called a weekly stand-up. A stand-up for those not in the know is just a short meeting where folks check in on what they’re up to. Her format is: proud, concern, lesson and fun. The nature of my stand-up will likely be more personal than professional.


I think 59 is looking good on me. True. This is entirely shallow. I’ve been on http://thredup/com during lockdown buying clothes and shoes for the pleasure of gussying myself up for me. In a fit of freedom, I chopped off a foot of hair. I look my age. And that’s okay. I’m enough.


This is a mixed bag. I am actively eschewing romantic love. Any thought of it is getting stomped on. Anti-love? Naw. Only for myself. I don’t want to miss anyone any more. I don’t want the heartache or disappointment. I’m enough. (see above).


Playing with resin. Made some jewelry. Got my Christmas laid out. Did a live edge river counter. It’s gorgeous. Wrecked a pair of pants.


Bingeing reality shows. A new season of “The Circle” is up and is coming at me in dribs and drabs. Rooting for the good guy; hoping for lessons and redemption for the despicable.

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