Crashed hard.

Gabriel almost bowled me over with the force of his welcome hug. That felt good. Everything else is kinda blurry. Slept, awoke. Catching up with mail and packages. Nothing deep. Got no deep in my head right now. But I do have shiny.

Hey! The dress arrived. It required the help of Aidan and Gabriel to zip me into it. It is an actual bandage dress. For those unfamiliar with the concept, each of those stripes is a heavy duty bandage, sewn together. I think it’s also called a corset dress. I would have been dismayed by the whole process except I visited the Herve Leger store in SF and was schooled that it takes 20 minutes to get into one of those. But true to the woman’s word, it feels surprisingly great on. I think she said “Power”…I think “Fierce”.

Now to find an occasion.

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