Obligatory cheese sandwich post

Actually, a savory scone picked up from Firebrand artisan breads at Alameda yesterday.

In a hotel room noshing on said scone and hotel coffee. Feeling unashamedly fat after days of decadent eating and a day at Spirit Alley. Spirit not as in rah!-Rah!-who-s-the-shit!?: Spirit as in holy-this-is-good-gin spirit.

I’m typing this travelogue on a tablet so future me might put in pictures and links to what I reference when I’m at a real desktop/laptop.

Reflection and minutiae…so a stuff to remember. For those who read this, who are not me. Apologies for snippets of tiny things.

At Mecca meeting up for dinner with the cousins, I realize we’ve all aged somehow…except maybe Duke. Still same handsome self. Pinky is stunning. Those cheekbones are c u t. Age ain’t a bad thing by any means. I think Pink is badass beauty to aspire to. I aspire to be graciously handsome with a touch of weird. We are different outwardly but the core remains the same. We don’t talk for a year, and when we remedy it is like nothing.

MG and Dave have a mop of hippy energy named Teddy. The cuteness is beyond compare.

In-between the things we do, there’s Cody to anchor me in the moment. M asks how we are? I say, “He’s my friend.”

Now we’re in SF proper. Going to hit Tropisueno for brunch and so it begins for real. Meeting up with Monash there. Then heading to Day of the Devs and will join Ivy and Becca then who knows? Probably should get GDC tickets before. Oh! Right. Here for the Game Developers Conference.

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