Want and Need

Cody is one of the few friends I sort of speak to and connect with regularly. To be honest, he actually is my only friend who I do that with.

Before the pandemic, my inclination was to be insular. Feeding that hermit-like tendency with isolation – not a good look.

So we see one another at an annual conference. (In Oakland right now hanging with him and the fam). He asks how I’m doing? The regular answer, “I’m good.” But the good is really just an “okay”. Getting through the day, is not the same as thriving; being exultant; or being joyous. We all hope for that.

I’ve gotten good at extricating myself from negative folks and situations that are generally toxic. Thanks Gala for, “Don’t yuck my yum.” Cody did point out though, that it isn’t enough to not be around the yuck, but one should actively pursue the yum…specifically, be social.

I guess it says a lot that while we were playing wavelength, I had to put a prompt on the spectrum of need – want. I put the word “hug” as a need. It does not occur to me to ask, nor do I think I want it at any given day…but yeah. I do need it.

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