On Happy Endings

ENTRY # 81 Playing a little point –>Chuck Tyron picked up on the notion of happy endings, (A lovely piece by Margaret Atwood on how all endings are ultimately the same) paired it with the notion of first person narrative in real time and mixed in ideas regarding after image. Lets play… Entry: Our protagonist is tired Entry: Our protagonist meets someone Entry: Our protagonist fights with someone Entry: Our protagonist has a fabulous evening of wild sex. If we jumble the entries, the whole story changes. The date stamp on a blog entry will indicate the ultimate sequence of events. But does the order in which the reader enters the events change the perception? What is the most immediate? The thing in front of you regardless of the chronological order? Can you decide, I will stop here, because this is the ending I want? Just one more step, and the neat bundle unravels, and you have to go again until the resolution – a resolution is achieved. Kinda like that cereal-milk loop. Blogs have no tidy ending, except in death. (Really, read the Atwood piece). Life has no tidy resolutions. Ends are beginnings. Stick around long enough, and a new drama begins. And dont you just hate the notion that each day in a life – (like this narrative) is like a cheesy B horror movie that closes with… “The End?”


Phoenix, pxartist@excite.com,, 1059704046, 2004-05-16 20:41:18, E – Youre phrase about discussing verbs not feelings struck me deeply. I have a piece evolving in my head (collage/assemblage) around them and would like to use that phrase, with your permission and attribution. Many thanks for your energy and words.

Elouise, ero@it.rit.edu,, 1059708838, 2004-05-16 20:41:18, Phoenix, youre most welcome to, so long as I get to see the finished piece. 🙂

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