Some of you are gracious.

I am not.

Yesterday, I was sad; today, I am mad. Today, I am not magnanimous. You voted for Trump? Not okay. I’m supposed to empathize with your disenfranchisement? I’m supposed to understand your anger? You didn’t vote because both were bad? Were you in a swing state?

But you’re not a racist. (The kkk is holding a victory parade) Oh. And you’re not a misogynist. (Check the number of tweets that say it’s open season on pussy).

Look up day one of Trump’s America. Look at the markets. Look at media from around the world. Look at hate crimes. Look at the people he’s putting in his cabinet. This is on you.

This is not okay. And I am calling you out on making it so. You did so by standing by and not saying, “no!” By saying your self interest is more important than recognizing others’ shared humanity.

I was sad.
Today I am mad.
Tomorrow I get busy.

Acceptance and forgiveness?… Ask me in a week.

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