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ENTRY # 474 This is a screenshot of the most recent iteration of the blog The design has changed again. Do let me know if theres any kind of strangeness, or if something is missing, or if theres something you’d like. Im contemplating putting my blogrolls on a separate page under “LINKS” (see the top). Itd make for a cleaner design and Im not sure how often people use my roll to get to other places….Also, out of sight is out of mind., xhtml, , xhtml);

*NOTE somewhere in the various moves, the images disappeared. Which is a shame.


weez, elouise@oyzon.com, https://weez.oyzon.com, ,, 1075122150, 2004-05-16 20:41:19, So glad I checked out the link…I was fully expecting comment spam. ¬†Lovely images. I like the distortions of in your masters work past the point of recognition of the human form.

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