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Liz dropped off my laptop. Any further typos are my own fault.

So, yeah. Thoughts of dancing in the MRI. Really lovely sounds.

Here is the ebb and flow of the day. Do something. Wait a few hours. Someone looks at the results. You get the results. Something else is tried.

Touch nose/walk back and forth dance.

CT scan.

More Dancing.


Somewhere in there is sleep, and posts.

Late afternoon the ER neurologist comes by. “I lied. It was a teeney stroke. I owe the other doctor a coffee.”

Cody – who has not left me in all this time – asks, “Will there be permanent damage?” This is a good question. She pulls up the MRIs. This is a fascinating series of black and white images. I thought they’d be colorful – no. Cool anyhoo. One panel has two small white dots. She explains this is the area devoted to balance. Normally, a stroke would hit a larger area and effect more things. In my case, it’s just this region. No ears, no eyes, no anything else. ..hence the listing to the right. She says I may be fine by tomorrow (today) or in a few weeks, but it’ll go away.

In the broad range of things that could happen, this really isn’t anything. There are so many stories we walked by. Lots of people in truly dire straits. That I tended a rightward meander didn’t seem much. I still have my wits and my words and my eyes and my hands. I know in the scheme of things, I am awfully lucky. I am not worried, We got this.

So the what is determined. The why is fuzzy. I don’t smoke, don’t have high blood pressure, nor diabetes. I am mostly healthy. A glass of wine or two a week isn’t out of the ordinary. They’re seriously on the why trail right now. I am here another day.

As of now, I am no longer listing – provided I keep my eyes open when I walk or stand. I cruise about holding on to things just to be sure, but this is nothing like yesterday, and I expect tomorrow will be better.

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