And the bottom fell out

A single happening can blow out the bottom of the world.

It’s been a glorious Christmas week. This morning we took pictures of the family; huddled together; chained our hands…my brothers and sisters and parents and me, “The Oyzon Family Circle”.The drive from my parents’ place to home is about eight hours. We took long mundane stops. Elaine called as we were pulling into the driveway.

“Has Elice called you? They took dad to the hospital in an ambulance.” Fragmented bits.

She called again ten minutes later to say dad had passed away in his sleep. We were all together this morning. She said it was great week.

It was a great week. He died in his sleep.

And none of this makes sense and I don’t know what to do. I keep thinking it’s some mistake. This is a mistake.

We were all together this morning. My brothers and sisters and mom and dad held hands and we made our Oyzon Family circle. We parted after goodbyes and hugs. Somewhere during our separate journeys, dad passed away in his sleep. Some crazy metaphor this.

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